Wander Guard


The trusted name in wander management

The WanderGuard® departure alert system provides a turn-key solution to your facility's wandering management needs, backed by direct installation and support from Stanley Healthcare Solutions.

The WanderGuard advantage:

  • A turn-key solution for all your resident safety needs: wanter management, wireless resident call, fall monitoring, and access control.
  • Easy integration with the Arial® wireless call system and other call systems.
  • "Selective locking" with Stanley delayed egress maglocks: activate when a wanderer approaches, and/or according to a programmable schedule.
  • Wide range of solutions to choose from: cover a single door or build an integrated departure alert system.
  • Choice of 90-day or 1-year tags.
  • Installed and serviced by Stanley technicians - unparallel service, products, and support.
  • WanderGuard systems are all backwards compatible; all of our devices work with our oldest system to our newest systems.

The WanderGuard® system gives you unprecedented choice to design a solution that is right for your facility, from stand-alone coverage to a fully integrated departure alert system. And the modular design means that you can upgrade at any time.

Signaling Devices

With the WanderGuard system, you can choose from two resident-centered care alternatives: a 90-day bracelet that complies with regular resident assessments, and a 12-month bracelet, intended for the resident who presents a longer term departure risk.

Download the WanderGuard overview brochure.